Best drinking schedule for people's daily life

Experts recommend a "drink water itinerary" to provide to the readers for reference.

After a night of sleep, the body began to water, get out of bed when the first drink 250 ml of water, can help kidney and liver detoxification.

Early that morning, getting up to the office of the process, time is always very tight, emotions are more tense, the body virtually will appear dehydration, I got to the office, making coffee the first Bieji Zhao, and give ourselves a glass of at least 250 ml of water!

After working for a period of time, must have got up and moving to take advantage of moving the time to give himself a third glass of water a day, replenish moisture and help to relax tense emotions at work!

Spent half an hour after lunch, drink some water, can enhance the body's digestive function.

With a glass of mineral water instead of tea and coffee, refreshing drinks bar! Be able to revive and refresh.

Work out of the office before, have another glass of water, increase satiety until dinner time will naturally do not eat too much.